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New icons

The paintings belong to a series of paintings that I have created on the basis of well-known icons representing saints.

However, I wanted to direct the viewer's attention not to the literal message of this performance.

In my opinion, following the words taken from the Bible: 'Because what can be known about God is open to them, because God has revealed it to them. For the invisible, that is, his eternal power and divinity, are visible from the creation of the world through the creation, so that they may be without excuse. '' (Rom. 1: 19-20) The image itself is only a carrier. certain deeper truths, and it is not true in itself.


Through this series, I wanted to encourage the recipient to reflect on what really surrounds him with pious cult. Is it a piece of canvas or wood that does not have any more properties than its appearance? Or maybe a real person who does not fit in the frame of the picture or anything depicted, but it is easier for us to worship a tangible work of man, which is finally destroyed. You can ask many more questions here, but it is best to go to the source, which in the case of the creation of Icons lead us to the oldest book in the world, which is the Bible, i.e. the Word. If it weren't for it, nothing would come into being. Without descriptions of events and people, we could not prove or investigate anything. The word has become the carrier of history and when written it allows us to imagine past events or the characteristics of a place or a given person.

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