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About me

Born in 1988 in Bytom, lives and works in Katowice. In his work, he studies human nature in a metaphysical context. Showing the beauty and mystery of Nature, it shows man as a part of this incomprehensible and inexhaustible environment in which he finds himself, as well as the fact that he is inseparably connected with it. Both reality and man himself resonate with each other and leave a mark in a given space and place. The ontological dimension of the essence prompts us to ask questions about the non-objectivity of an individual, or rather his spiritual attribute, his internal construction, his creation.

As Tertullian, a Latin theologian from North Africa, used to say: 'I believe because it is absurd.' but by knowing the nature of God, it ceases to be so absurd, but becomes true. Faith is a choice. Sometimes we choose to believe because of what we see, and sometimes in spite of it. We live in a time where faith seems to be losing its meaning. We then have two options, to leave our faith or to remember who God is.

From 2022, the artist began collaborating with Van Rij Gallery
Marchand: Katarzyna Rij

Individual exhibitions:


  • To be present , Polish Institute, Bratislava



  • Ownership Attracts Presence , Galeria Willa, Łódź

  • Common area / Own area , TCK, Przytyk Gallery, Tarnowskie Gór



  • Painting Natalia Rybka , Main Lending Room, WBP, Kraków


  • Sublimations , Nielaba Gallery, Bern, Switzerland


  • Natalia Rybka, Painting , Nowa Gazownia, Poznań

  • SOON_33, Against the Structure of Reality , Spectra Art Space, Warsaw

  • Natalia Rybka, Returns , Ergo Hestia Art Pavilion, Warsaw

  • Natalia Rybka, Painting , Silesian Theater, Katowice

  • Inherencja , Single Gallery, Katowice

Collective exhibitions:


  • The sanctity of nature? Sacrum Art Triennial, Signs of the Times, CCA Toruń

  • The sanctity of nature? Sacrum Art Triennial, City Art Gallery in Częstochowa

  • Ona Energia , Stolarska / Krupowicz Gallery, Warsaw


  • Homo Naturalis , Arttrakt Gallery, Wrocław

  • Towards metaphysical truth , City Gallery, Wrocław


  • Equinox , Brick City Gallery, Springfield, Missouri, USA


  • Five prudent virgins and one reckless man , Galeria Miejska, Wrocław

  • Artificial grass turned green , Foca Festival, Tytano, Dolnych Młynów, Kraków

  • Working title , Stolarska / Krupowicz Gallery, Warsaw

  • Contemporary Art Auction , Szara Gallery, Katowice
    Painting at the end of the year , Stolarska / Krupowicz Gallery, Warsaw

  • New image / new look , Arsenał Municipal Gallery, Poznań; BWA, Gorzów Wielkopolski;

  • International Student Drawing Exhibition DRAWING-NATURALLY , Wozownia, Toruń;

  • Image of the Year , Rondo Sztuki, Katowice;

  • The best diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts , Great Armory, Gdańsk;

  • Błysk , BWA, Katowice;

  • Contemporary Painting Festival , Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Szczecin;

  • Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting , BWA, Rzeszów;

  • Hestia's Artistic Journey , Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw

  • Figurama 2015

  • Competition for the Grand Prix of the Fundacja im. Franciszki Eibisch ,

  • Katarzyna Napiórkowska Art Gallery , Warsaw

  • New painting / new look , Arsenał Municipal Gallery, Poznań

Prizes and awards:
  • Award of the Marshal of the Podkarpackie Province in the Autumn Confrontations competition, BWA, Rzeszów;

  • Grand Prix of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in the Contemporary Painting Festival competition, Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Szczecin;

  • BPSC Award for the diploma;

  • Distinction for the Best Diploma, BWA, Katowice;

  • Distinction in the Image of the Year competition, Rondo Sztuki, Katowice;

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